Grotesque Palettes – Dark Literature

I choke and splutter as regurgitated saliva builds in my mouth. My reflection proceeds to mock me: “Poor, fidgety little skin-bared Earth worm. The contracture of your naked, exposed frame under these incandescent rays both delights and amuses me!” I smirk and spit in response: “But, why is it that Humans are so aroused by such crude torment and suffering of other beings?” I mount an impulse and drive my fist into the adjacent mirror; fractured glass embeds my fleshy, perspiring palms as I willingly trespass beyond the realms of hysteria. “I question as to whether Human rationality possesses the capability of dispersing the darkness attached to artificial morality? Are we so.. illuded.. by pride that we cower from avowing the grotesque palettes we each consume at night?” This time I am greeted only by blunt, aching silence that sits unreflective and irresponsive like concrete in its dejected case..

— the anonymous insomniac // a.k.a “The Brvtalist”