Fear:Terrorism, Religion and the Migrant Crisis

Here is a piece of writing influenced by the recent terror attacks in Paris.

ISIS plays a game of fear to gain victory of control, influence and power. See, everyone reacts to fear in a very unique and different way. Of course there are the two natural human instincts: fight or flight. But in a world that is constantly evolving, these built in habits are also compelled by social and political influences.

An abundance of fear, something we cannot surrender to. We fear what we cannot control. So what does ISIS do? They target random locations: Bataclan theatre, La Petit Cambodge restaurant and on the streets outside La Belle Equipe. This leaves the public feeling vulnerable, inducing sense of insecurity and victimization, due to the terrorist group not targeting specific public monuments of political grounding, but completely random public locations.

Reports received that MI5 were aware of a suspected revenge attack upon the elimination of ISIS member and brutal executioner, Jihadi John. He was shot down by a US drone strike shortly before the terrorist attacks in Paris. Regardless of notification from MI5, security was still not able to track the killers in time, or predict their movement. An unpredictable source of fear can lead to many members of the public feeling alienated, leading to fear influenced view points being broadcasted.

Fear is contagious. Imagine a crowd of people and one person starts yelling for everyone to “run”, fear ripples through like a domino effect. This brings me to my biggest fear. The surge of social media, and the impact it can have on vulnerable minds. It is vital that we as a nation muster the strength to not be swayed by fear, as it is our weight that collapses on those around us that causes a surge of panic and distress- which is exactly what ISIS and other terrorist groups want.

Religion and refugees are victims wrongly being pointed at by a finger of blame by those who breathe ignorance. The thing that worries me frequently is that social media gives these ‘types’ a foothold to raise their voice, and unfortunately those who already have a platform of persuasion online can shout negligence loud and clear.

ISIS is definitely not Islamic, regardless of whether they claim to be, their actions suggest otherwise. Islam is a peaceful religion that does not in any reference preach the use of violence on the innocent- any genuine Muslim would tell you the same. One of their main strategic goals is to create division between ‘the West’ and Islam so that they can encourage more disenfranchised Muslims to join their cause.

Many people are becoming stressed by the migrant crisis, in which it is believed that terrorists are infiltrating refugee boats into Europe. This is not a valid reason to blame innocent refugees for the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, as they are fleeing countries such as Iraq and Syria to escape war not to provoke it. What’s worse, these attacks on refugees could lead to innocent minds being forced into the hands of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in sheer desperation and fear.

We are facing a threat powered by fear, and the worst thing we can do is isolate ourselves by helping create division and segregation in Europe and all around the world. The best thing we can do is stay as united as possible, do not trust duplicitous news sources, and do not raise attention to those who are preaching ignorant views.

Fear:Terrorism, Religion and the Migrant Crisis