‘It is sometimes argued that economics cannot be a science because it studies human behaviour and human behaviour cannot be reduced to scientific laws’. There is an element of truth in this. It is very difficult to understand and predict the behaviour of individuals. However, nearly all economics is based on the study of the behaviour of a group of individuals- the behaviour of groups is often far more predictable than that of individuals. Moreover, we tend to judge a science on its ability to establish laws which are certain and unequivocal. But even in a hard science such as physics, it has become apparent that some laws can only be stated in terms of probabilities.

Why do we waste our lives in a slave trade capitalistic system? The nauseating, soul-destroying 9-5; the cramped office blocks that resemble an ant’s nest; the instilled hierarchy of the social classes where privilege and poverty are passed through blood heritage.

I love that sweet smell of decay that surrounds me in forests and woods. A kind of mulchy, deep, rich rot that has no connotation of death or ending, but rather of life and age. A sense of perpetual destruction and rebirth.

It seems to me more than ever that I am a victim of introspection. I am possessive about time alone. If I have not the power to put myself in the place of other people, but must be continually burrowing inward, I shall never be the magnanimous creative person I wish to be. Yet I am hypnotized by the workings of the individual, alone, and am continually using myself as a specimen.
 — Sylvia Plath